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Cassava Puerto Rican Restaurant & Bakery
Cassava LLC Puerto Rican Restaurant & Bakery
Cassava, Restaurante y panaderia puertorriqueña


Awarded Puerto Rican Restaurant & Bakery  located in El Paso, TX serving the best traditional Puerto Rican dishes, desserts, and pan sobao during breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Cassava is the only Puerto Rican bakery in El Paso offering homemade freshly-baked pan sobao and pan de agua. 

Try our Cubano, Cassa-pleta (tripleta), and pastrami sandwiches, all made with our pan sobao. 

Pan sobao is available from Thursday to Sunday

Pan de agua is available from Saturday to Sunday. Sold by the pound or rolls. Limited amounts per day. 

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Cassava is always up to something! Check out our rotating lunch specials and limited drops. Lunch specials are available from Thursday to Sunday starting at 11:30 am until lasts. 
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Get the best traditional Puerto Rican dishes during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything we serve is house-made and prepared by a staff that cares. You could spend a lifetime sampling every flavors at Cassava, and we hope you do!



Every week, Owner & Chef Zoe Badillo presents new desserts and flavors that go beyond our regular menu. These desserts can be Puerto Rican desserts with a modern twist or favorites from other cuisines. 



We bring "lo mejor de lo mejor" to you! From a holiday celebration or hundred- person event, our Crew and catering can do it all. Serving thoughtful sides, vegan and vegetarian option, to the Puerto Rican classics desserts and more- it is all here!

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